CHDA Construction Company (CHDA), a general partnership comprised of Ron Densley, Inc. (RDI) and Campbell-Hogue, has served as the licensed general contractor since 1984 for both third party clients as well as partners who have been the developer and or owner.  The combined resources of our companies create an entity with vast experience in the development and construction of apartment communities and commercial projects throughout Arizona and Utah. 

Ron Densley, Inc.
Terry Campbell

Ronald C. Densley, President, and Ron R. Densley Jr.(, Secretary, are the principal officers and employees of Ron Densley, Inc. (RDI), a family-owned construction company based in Southern Utah. Ron Densley, Sr., a graduate of Brigham Young University, has been active in the construction industry since 1973.  Ron Densley Jr., a Southern Utah University graduate, has worked as a
superintendent since 1985. 

In partnership with CHDA, RDI provides:
  • On-site construction management and supervision
  • Subcontractor and supplier contract negotiations
  • Supervision of day-to-day construction activities
  • Managing schedules for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Municipal interdepartmental coordination
  • Bonding

RDI lends value engineering to the design of all our communities.  Their ability to work closely with city, state and county officials expedites permitting, ongoing construction and obtaining final occupancy approvals.

In partnership with RDI, Campbell-Hogue provides:

  • All tasks associated with development
  • Support on-site construction activities of RDI
  • Assistance in the preparation of budgets and draw requests
  • Accounting functions, record keeping, certified payroll, insurance compliance
  • Administrative coordination

Contact:   Ron Densley, Jr.  (
                 23021 N. 15th Avenue; #106
                 Phoenix, AZ 85027  PH: 623.764.6590