Campbell-Hogue & Associates’ construction history began in the Northwest in 1982 and has progressed to a multi-state operation including activity in Arizona, Texas and Utah.  Today the construction business is concentrated in Texas and Arizona through two affiliate construction companies, Campbell-Hogue Construction Associates, LLC, (CHCA) based in Austin, Texas and CHDA Construction Company based in Southern Utah.   Campbell-Hogue has developed a solid reputation in the industry for building quality properties within budget, on schedule, and to the client’s satisfaction.  We have performed decades of construction activity with a host of partners and clients including:

  • Private Investors
  • Tax Credit Investors
  • Non-Profit groups
  • Housing Authorities
  • Housing Finance Agencies
  • Municipalities

Although a primary focus has been the construction of affordable communities our experience encompasses conventional multi-family, independent/congregate senior living, assisted living, and neighborhood office/retail properties.  We have successfully complied with an assortment of regulations and restrictions imposed by ownership and financing structures that encompass a wide range of federal and state programs including:

  • Low Income Housing Tax Credits
  • FHA-HUD programs
  • HOME, Trust Funds & FHLB
  • Rural Development Sections 515 & 538

With an emphasis on value engineering, Campbell-Hogue’s construction entities provide clients with a “hands on” approach to cost and feasibility analysis.  Sensitivity to important developmental components such as budget and schedule is paramount to the success of our company and projects.  Involvement during the early stages of development and our ability to remain flexible throughout the design/construction process has resulted in more efficient project execution and, ultimately, client satisfaction.